Brand History

With a profound history dating back to 1919, Byford was launched in Leicester by Mr. Donald Byford and its products have long been synonymous with quality, comfort and fit. Our definition of quality reflects a unique commitment to high standards of design, craftsmanship, distribution and marketing.

Clearly focussed on excellence in men’s innerwear, the offer now extends to Life Style Products and is firmly targeted at the upper middle segment of the market.

With the affirmation of the British royal family and the Chamber of Commerce in the last century, the brand and company have deep roots in familiar British values that remain credible even today. Innovation, individualism, good taste and a personal touch build on this tradition to distinguish it from its competitors and to ensure its ongoing relevance and appeal.

Today, Byford is present in over twenty regions. Our product portfolio includes many hundreds of separate items are widely available in more than 1000 sales points. Our name stands for heritage and evolution on a truly international scale